engagement session prep

Hi there! We are so excited to be a part of your wedding journey. The engagement session is a very important part of the process. Below are a few key pointers that we feel will help make the session as smooth as possible.

What to wear?

Try to plan and try on your outfits well in advance. Of course, this is completely up to you. A popular format is to start with a classy, formal outfit, then a less formal (or casual) outfit. That way you can drive home a bit more comfortably. Coordinating colors is also a good option.



This is very important. We recommend choosing a location that fits your vision and style, or if you want to take a step out of your comfort zone, you can go a completely different route! We have compiled a list of great locations HERE, however, we also encourage you to research meaningful locations to you.

What to bring?

Bring any props you'd like! Anything that may hold significance to you both. A small bag/tote to put any loose items in while you're being photographed. I.E- water, phone, keys, wallet, comb, etc. Bring a sweat rag, water, hair brush and a little hairspray with you to handle last minute fly-aways, and a few make up essentials for any needed touch-ups right before the session.


The Day of

Address any personal concerns in advance. Tell us what bothers you about photos of yourself. Approach the session with a positive attitude!

Get close

You probably don't need to be persuaded to get close to your partner but do plan to get affectionate close-up pictures too! Be ready to take plenty of photos.

Be on Time

Be sure to plan accordingly to ensure that we begin on schedule. We always want to maximize the engagement session experience, and we cannot extend the time of the session if you are late. Of course, certain circumstances may be out of your control. In these cases, we are willing to accommodate if possible. We strongly recommend scheduling your makeup/hair well before the session. 


If you are unable to make the photo session all deposits will act as a cancellation fee. 72 hours of advance notice of cancellation is required in order to credit the deposit towards a future session. We will consider the session cancelled if the client is 20 minutes late (unexcused).


In the event that it rains or there is a storm, we will need to find a new date and try again. Rescheduling might not be an option for couples with difficult or conflicting work schedules, sessions that require taking the day off of work, and situations where one or both people are traveling in from out of town. We understand that you may have paid for hair and makeup, so we try to make the decision to re-schedule as soon as possible.