• Names: Sh'kia & Daniel
  • Occupations: Financial Analyst/Actress & Writer/Actor/Film Maker
  • Wedding date: 4/28/18
  • Wedding location: Hollywood, FL

"We met on the campus of Florida Atlantic University when Sh'Kia was a freshman back in 2009. I wasn't enrolled there but I went by the University to bring something for a friend who wasn't available to meet. Sh'Kia was the intermediary chosen to meet me that day. Very shy and timid, Sh'Kia didn't have much to say, but I thought she was beautiful and mysterious, so I asked her out anyway. We attended a movie that night but decided to be friends as Sh'Kia was not ready to embark on a new relationship. We remained friends for 4 years before finally deciding to make it official in 2013. Since then, we have progressively moved forward in building and encouraging each other to be the best we could be (for ourselves and each other). And now in 2018, we've made a conscious decision to be together for a lifetime."