Full names: Alisha Richardson & Jordan Giles

Occupations: Alisha Richardson - Sr. Analyst (Anti Money Laundering) & Real Estate Agent / Jordan Giles - Owner of CDV Solutions (Commercial & Residential Painting/Maintenance Company) 

Locations: SC Statehouse & Finlay Park

college sweethearts

"We met at Georgia State...at a party!"

Real Tears!

"Jordan planned a weekend in Atlanta for us. My best friend was throwing a brunch that weekend and Jordan got tickets to a Hawks game for later that night.. or so I thought. As we were on our way to brunch, Jordan pulled me to a secluded floor of our favorite hotel and popped the question! We then headed to my friends brunch which was actually a surprise engagement party! All of our close friends were there to celebrate us! It was perfect, I cried the whole time!"

It was that Simple

"I knew Jordan was the one from the moment I met him. It sounds cliche but I really just knew. He was everything that I prayed for and more."

The Experience

"LOVED IT! We were nervous at first, just because we aren't models or anything but we wanted to get some good shots! It was super hot and we literally were sweating the whole time, but we had a blast! Everything felt natural and never forced."

Go with the Flow. Advice for Engaged couples.

"Relax and have fun! Just go with the flow, Reem makes it easy so don't think about it too much!!"

Wedding Planning

"Wedding planning has been fun! We are literally pulling together our "Dream Team" to create the perfect day. We are super excited to see everything come together and to celebrate our love with friends and family. As far as advice, people will try to make wedding planning stressful or try to force their opinions on you, just remember it's YOUR wedding. Do what makes you happy, even if it doesn't please everyone else."

Wedding Planner: Sacoya Jenkins | jenkinsandcoweddings.com